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* MATE Philosophy

Our philosophy can be summerized with 3T.
We believe that 21st century mission trend will experience a paradigm shift from the missionary-sender to missionary-receiver as per motivation of mission. It could be called Target-Oriented mission. Our existing mission has been ruled by both the missionaries and sender's needs. The last century's mission was controlled by the interests and abilities of the person who wanted to go to the mission field, and of the mission agency that was sending the missionary. But today motivation of mission could be directed to the needs of the mission field. By doing so we may be able to carry out the work of the mission in the next century, more effectively and efficiently. The same principle has been applied to the marketing. The strategies of companies were changed form the producers' ability to the customers' interest.

Secondly we need Team-based mission. Development of society, advancement of science, and specialization in the field of education, are the most distinguished phenomenon in the last century. But it is well known that no one person can be a specialist or expert in all areas. So it is in the mission field too. In order to meet the various needs of the mission field one should see the gap between what missionary has and what mission fields need. Then we can fill the gap working as a team co-operating with each other and by using each one's special talent.

The extent of the 21st C mission must be that which could be called Total Mission. If you limit the mission only to preach the gospel, then it narrows the view of the scope of mission. Mission should include areas of human life such as economy, society, education, agriculture, science, business, culture etc. These areas served as good contact points for the Gospel in the past. Moreover, we have to take a step further, and consider that life of the mission field is the same as ours. It is not only the way of the Gospel, but also the area we should evangelize. Thus mission should be a total mission.

We, Mate Network International, are committed to do what God wants us to do. People can experience how God is working out mission through us.
TEL: 09 630 6900, MOBILE: 021 664 622, ADDRESS: 30 Queen Mary Ave., Epsom, Auckland, New Zealand,   EMAIL: yskim@nzmate.org